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“It All Started In A Rambling Kitchen” was the breaking story in the Johnson City Press Chronicle when the Kalogeros Family started its hospitality traditions in 1938. The Kalogeros’ are known regionally for their reputation of serving unequaled quality beef and famous Grecian salads. Over the decades, there have been millions of customers that have experienced their traditions. In addition, there have been many trade secrets & signature recipes which have been handed down from generation to generation. Now, eighty-four years later, the Kalogeros' are opening their newest casual concept a block away from where it all began in Fountain Square. Their legendary hospitality team is ready to unite with the former Historic CC&O Train Depot located at 330 Cherry Street, formerly addressed 300 Buffalo Street, and leave their own mark on local history. This historic building will be home to BURG’r & BARREL, the newest local eatery and gathering spot in downtown Johnson City. The Peerless Hospitality Concepts team has been working since last June in-house on their plans for both the interior & exceptional exterior outdoor space. In the planning of the eatery, they have pooled all the resources of years of experience and combined the latest trends for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for Johnson City. The original formula of butchered meats that are hand-blended to create their new line of signature burgers will ensure the quality will reign supreme. B&B will also offer an array of signature dishes consisting of, several smoked meats, specialty side dishes, and of course the famous Grecian salads & more. The trendy outdoor green space design that will be the big Wow factor will be known as, “GATHER at JC Depot.”

GATHER will offer lite handcrafted appetizers and small plates. An innovative beer garden will offer local and regional crafted beers, specialty cocktails, and an assortment of wines. Fire pits, fun outdoor activities, and other hidden amenities will create a true local hospitality experience where many have gathered for over a century in Johnson City. Gary & Nia Kalogeros have donated the beautiful train display that represents downtown Johnson City during the time period the CC&O Train Station was operating; with Berkshire Hathaway as being the company that commissioned the piece when 300 Buffalo was being restored back in 2012.

PHC is excited to contribute to the next level of the revitalization downtown & help leave a tasteful mark soon on the downtown footprint. Peerless Properties & Development, along with PHC will be sharing the progress & news of the long-awaited Peerless project and more big news about the Peerless Centre this April. The opening delays are largely attributed to the long-term effects of the pandemic and the supply chain issues needed to operate the complex hospitality project. PHC encourages the public to follow them on all social media & website @burgrbarrel.jc & | | Peerless Shopping Centre

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